Yoga Music

Why do you need yoga music? Of course you can practice yoga without music. But if you have ever experienced a yoga class with music, you will appreciate its supportive and positive effect. Yoga music can be fast, loud and rhythmic, motivating you to persevere through dynamic exercises. It also makes the exercises seem less strenuous. However, yoga music can also be slow and have a calming effect, e.g. as a gentle background music for the resting phase at the end of the yoga class. It helps to relax more easily and switch off.

The range of yoga music is huge and very diverse. It is impressive in how many variations the well-known mantras have already been interpreted - while there are still new releases almost every day. And each album has its own style.
In the yoga music scene, a number of great artists have established themselves who are known worldwide. Among the great mantra performers are Snatam Kaur, Deva Premal, Krishna Das and Satyaa & Pari. Their albums are bestsellers and they fill concert halls wherever they perform.
Finding the right sounds for a yoga class is not easy considering the overwhelming offer. Helpful here is the division of yoga music into categories, as found at Ongnamo Versand. There is quiet music for "Relax Yoga", fast rhythms for "Rhythmic Yoga", music for Sadhana Yoga and Mantra and Kirtan chanting. Basically, however, the entire category of quiet relaxation and meditation music is also suitable for accompanying yoga practice.
Yoga music, of course, is best listened to outside the yoga class - as varied and beautiful as it sounds. Most of the time, the mantras also quickly become an earworm that you won't get rid of so quickly...