Books about Yoga & Meditation

The positive effects of yoga and meditation are now sufficiently known and researched. There is a multitude of books on all yoga directions and on the great subject of meditation, which has long ceased to be a marginal topic. You will find the basic works of meditation pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn as well as complementary books on yoga or meditation with singing bowls and children as well as everything on the well-known breath meditation by Jeru Kabbal.

Mindfulness exercises with Jon Kabat-Zinn

Physician Jon Kabat-Zinn is instrumental in the current acceptance of meditation and its use in health care. His years of clinical use have amply demonstrated the positive effects of meditation and mindfulness, and it's hard to imagine our fast-paced, increasingly condensed daily lives without them. Learn from him the effects of meditation on health and practice mindfulness in a very practical way with his guidance.

Meditation with children

Children can also benefit from the positive effects of meditation. For them, perhaps not silent meditation but active meditation or mindfulness practice is more suitable. In schools and kindergartens, for example, exercises with singing bowls are already often an integral part. Meditation and mindfulness exercises help children to calm down better. Ideas for playful sound experiences and meditations can be found in our books.

Yoga relaxation and yoga with sound

Yoga is very diverse and offers the possibility of relaxation in addition to a variety of asanas. Not only at the end of a yoga class, but quite separately as Yoga Nidra - also called the "sleep of the yogis". It offers a deep relaxation that acts like a "reset" and has a profoundly positive effect on body, mind and spirit. Sound Yoga combines the positive effects of singing bowls with those of yoga.

Self-exploration with Jeru Kabbal and the Clarity Process®

The U.S. mystic Jeru Kabbal developed the Clarity Process over many years, which is a very practical tool for self-exploration and inner growth. His books offer a comprehensive insight into his teachings and practical methods, especially his well-known breath meditation "Quantum Light Breath®". The manual 'Ein Quantum Licht' offers everything you need to know about this meditation including background and detailed instructions.