Yoga Timer 'Anuloma Viloma'

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Recommended by the Professional Association of Yoga Vidya Teachers!

The Yoga Timer Anuloma Viloma puts an end to counting seconds and is a practical tool for Yoga Alternate Breathing! Designed for yoga teachers and for the yoga practice.

Anuloma Viloma is Sanskrit, means alternate breathing and is a practice from yoga: inhale, hold your breath, exhale. This happens at certain intervals and has many positive effects on body and mind.

Recommended by the Professional Association of Yoga Vidya Teachers!

Countdown function

A countdown counter is available for each of the 16 programmes. The programmes can be easily changed during the exercise. The individual programmes: 4:4:8, 4:8:8, 4:12:8, 4:16:8, 5:20:10, 6:24:12, 7:28:14, 8:32:16, 9:36:18, 10:40:20, 11:44:22, 12:48:24, 13:52:26, 14:56:28, 15:60:30, 16:64:32.

Stopwatch with interval signal

In this mode, the running time is displayed. A beep is emitted each time the preset interval time is reached. The time measurement continues until it is stopped manually. There are 27 intervals to choose from, ranging from 30 seconds to 2 hours. Ideal for perfect timing of your pranayama and asana practice!

Practical display of breathing direction

On the display, the current breathing direction is indicated by arrows. They point to or from the respective lung shown, which is clearly visible filling or emptying:
Yoga-Timer Anuloma Viloma

Decent signal

The volume can be adjusted by simply pressing a button. There are three volume levels to choose from.

Lap counter

As alternate breathing is practised over several rounds, the round counter is a valuable aid.

Practical extra

The Anuloma Viloma yoga timer has a practical neck strap that can be snapped off, and is waterproof and shockproof.


The timer is assembled by socially disadvantaged and physically disabled people in Germany.


gruenes-haekchen.jpg 16 programmes to choose from - from 4:4:8 to 16:64:32
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Countdown counter for each programme
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Stopwatch with interval signals. 27 intervals between 30 seconds to 2 hours selectable
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Easily change programme during exercise
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Time display with minutes and seconds
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Display of the current breathing direction
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Lap counter
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Volume of the sound signal can be adjusted three times
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Waterproof and shockproof
gruenes-haekchen.jpg With carrying strap
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Weight: approx. 60 grams
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Dimensions: 70 x 60 mm x 20 mm
gruenes-haekchen.jpg Available colour: sunshine yellow
gruenes-haekchen.jpg incl. 1 button battery type CR2025 (Note on disposal of used batteries)
gruenes-haekchen.jpg German instruction manual

Fig.: Display symbols

Yoga-Timer Anuloma Viloma


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