Zen Alarm Clocks, Meditation Clocks & Meditation Timers

Uhren und Timer für Meditation und sanftes Aufwachen

Whether for your meditation, yoga practice, Reiki treatments or therapy sessions: with Meditation Clock, Meditation Timer, Zen Alarm Clock, Yoga Timer or Reiki Timer you can let go of all thoughts of time and immerse yourself completely in your meditation or activity.
Our timers can do more than just a mobile phone: they not only offer a beautiful sound, but also a discreet flashing signal and, in many models, a very beautiful and harmonious design. Singing bowl clocks or pyramid timers are for example a beautiful living accessory. And: In contrast to mobile phones, all meditation clocks can be used without radiation.

Meditation Clock & Yoga Timer

The meditation or yoga exercises are best ended with a gentle and subtle tone. The aim is not to limit the positive effect of the meditation or asanas by a disturbing sound. Therefore, the signal of the meditation timer must come either as a visual blinking or a soft beeping sound. Ideally, the timers offer an interval function in addition to the countdown, with which several exercises can be accompanied by sound one after the other.

Zen alarm clocks & singing bowl clocks

Who would like to wake up to a shrill alarm rattle? Our beautiful singing bowl clocks put an end to this and wake you up with the pleasant gong of a real singing bowl. There are several bowls to choose from, so that everyone can find their personal favourite bowl. In addition to the alarm function, these watches offer countdown, interval and hour function. They are therefore also ideal for yoga, meditation, therapy and wellness.

Reiki timer

The pyramid-shaped Reiki timer is ideal for Reiki application. With its interval function, the gong of a singing bowl signals the time for the change of hands. It bears the Japanese Reiki characters on one side and thus creates a beautiful ambience on the desk or in the treatment room. As it is light and battery operated, it is also easy to take with you.

Mindfulness Timer & MBSR

The practice of mindfulness can be supported, especially at the beginning, by a reminder to stay in the here and now. The pyramid-shaped mindfulness timer can do this. It reminds with the digital gong of a singing bowl at regular intervals. The mindfulness symbol on the timer also creates a beautiful ambience.

Wellness timer

Sounds can release blockades, trigger well-being and even make you happy. They can thus contribute to the success of a wellness treatment and accompany it pleasantly. At the same time, sound can gently indicate the beginning, end or change of treatment. The Dayasa watches with a real singing bowl are best suited for this purpose in terms of sound and functionality. An inexpensive alternative is the Enso Pearl or a pyramid timer.

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