Zen singing bowls

Zen Singing Bowls

Zen singing bowls are cast and are modeled after Japanese singing bowls. They are relatively compact in shape and their high quality sound resonates for a long time. The Zen singing bowls that you can find in our shop come from the region of Orissa (since 2012 renamed Odisha) in India.

Sound bowl manufacturing

Orissa singing bowls are cast from metal in traditional handwork by small family businesses. The cast bowls have a smooth, even surface unlike hand beaten bowls. The composition of the metal varies and is a trade secret. The bowls are available shiny gold, black or antique style decorated with Buddhist motifs.


Their clear, high-quality sound resonates for a long time. Orissa singing bowls have a relatively compact shape with a raised edge, which also makes them very easy to rub. A leather-wrapped mallet is very suitable for this purpose, but a wooden mallet will also make the Orissa singing bowl "sing". Who likes a soft sound spectrum, is right with a felt mallet.


The high-walled Orissa singing bowls are very suitable for meditation, yoga or work with children. They perfectly fit to our singing bowl clocks in the sizes we offer and awaken with their beautiful sound or accompany your meditation.