Zhineng Qigong - Five Hunyuan Organs Form... Level 3 (DVD engl.)

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with Master Yuantong Liu - Zhineng Qigong Level 3

The Five Organs Hunyuan Method is the Third Level of Zhineng Qigong. It practices opening, closing, merging and transforming Qi of the inner organs. The Five Hunyuan method has thirteen sections.

The first four sections make up one part. They work to open the inner Qi space so as to gather Qi, and also work to make body Qi and natural Qi merge together. They mainly practice external Hunyuan and body mind Hunyuan as a preparation for practice of the Hunyuan Qi of the five inner organs.

The second part is the practice of the inner organs and is the central practice of the form. Each section works on one of the inner organs. Its practice intensivies the opening and closing, gathering and dispersing of the inner organs Qi, through movement, use of the mind and sound. This improves the functions of the inner organs at the physical, Qi and mind levels. It also increases the connections between inner organs Qi and Hunyuan Qi to bring about qualitative body-mind transformation.

The third part is made up of the last four sections. It mainly works to improve connections and transformation between body Hunyuan Qi and inner organs Hunyuan Qi. It gathers Qi to the middle of the body to nourish body and mind.

Section1: Touch the sky and stand on earth, unite and transform Qi
Section 2: Opening the pores and the three gates
Section 3: Crane looks around being aware of the Hunyuan Palace
Section 4: Open the wings to fly
Section 5: Smile joyfully to strengthen heart and mind
Section 6: Arch the waist up and down to strengthen the kidneys
Section 7: Rotate in Hunyuan Palace, merge four organs
Section 8: Spread the arms protect the Riyue
Section 9: Extend and contract to open the Qi of the lungs
Section 10: Crane walks to move the body gracefully
Section 11: Shake plumes with a peaceful heart, four limbs in harmony
Section 12: Gracefully move up and down - mind shines trough the top of the head
Section 13: Entire Hunyuan Qi connecting to heaven and earth


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